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Tennessee Conservative

"I'm running for Congress to challenge complacency and address the chaos—unchecked immigration flooding our communities, rampant inflation wrecking our economy, and the surge in crime threatening our neighborhoods. Our homes are not hunting grounds."  - Brandon 


Legislative Achievements

In 2018, Williamson County sent their hometown businessman to the State House. Over 4 years, Brandon dedicated himself to writing and passing legislation to protect our Tennessee schools and deter crime with the implementation of harsh punishments for violent criminals. Brandon pioneered laws that authorized the use of deadly force as defense against rape and expanded asset forfeiture to 13 crimes that preyed on children and our most vulnerable citizens. Today, Tennessee is one of the most aggressive states in combating human trafficking.

Brandon's significant legislative achievements point to his record of effectiveness and commitment to protecting the safety of Tennesseans. Listed below are highlights from Brandon's legislative efforts.  

Criminal Justice

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Murder Requires that a person convicted of first-degree murder for the killing of another in the perpetration or attempted perpetration of aggravated rape, rape, rape of a child, and aggravated rape of a child be sentenced to death or life in prison without parole. - Amends TCA Title 39 and Title 40 Passed House and Senate Unanimously, Signed by Governor Lee 3/18/2022 – Public Chapter 718

School Safety

Placing School Resource Officers (SROs) in Tennessee’s schools. Updates Tennessee’s school safety grant to prioritize funds for LEAs with schools that did not have a full time school resource officer (SRO) during the 2018-2019 school year. LEAs that have full-time SROs will be able to use grant funds for other safety measures. Requires the Department of Safety and Homeland Security and the Department of Education to develop a school security assessment and provide training to LEAs on the use of the assessment to identify school security vulnerabilities. Effective April 18, 2019

Safer Tennessee

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Provides that a defendant convicted of first-degree murder is eligible for the death penalty if the victim was rendering assistance to a person in need at their time of death. 


The Good Samaritan Act As enacted, enacts the "Good Samaritan Sentencing Enhancement Act," which provides that a defendant convicted of first-degree murder is eligible for the death penalty if the victim was rendering assistance to a person in need at the time of their death. Signed by Governor Lee 4/22/2021 - Public Chapter 215

Civil Rights


No Executive or Governmental entity shall create categories or classes of essential and nonessential businesses, trades, professions, or industries for the purpose of authorizing such categories or classes to remain in operation or requiring the same to cease operation for any purpose if the business, trade, profession, or industry is otherwise lawful in this state. Signed by Governor Lee 5/11/2021 – Public Chapter 384

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